Steven Chen Sweegen

About Steven Chen Sweegen

Chen brings decades of business expertise to Sweegen's operations, and he understands how to motivate his staff to achieve Sweegen's goals and objective of improving world health via better food. Chen's capacity to simultaneously celebrate and remain intrigued about how Sweegen may continue to develop, improve, and innovate is mainly responsible for Sweegen's culture of excellence. Sweegen's development and success can be traced back to his unwavering emphasis on client demands and developing Sweegen to be agile and responsive to those needs.

Steven Chen has overseen Sweegen's growth from a North American start-up to a worldwide player with locations in Europe, Latin America, and Asia as CEO. He launched the firm in January 2015 and has worked relentlessly since then to disrupt the natural sweetener and flavor market in a manner that benefits both the food and beverage sector and its customers.